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USS Knox Scale Models

Check out this website for a large-scale, super detailed, high-quality model kit of the USS Knox. There are other classes of ships available at BaD Ship Models, too. This kit is constructed from wood that is computer cut (CNC) for accuracy and ease of construction. Almost all the material you need to construct the kit is included. There are additional accessories available, such as the SONAR dome, brass prop strut, and gun barrel, etc. OSC John Sabatini (USN,Ret.) has constructed this model as well as several other classes. He now works for BaD. Mention the USS Knox Reunion association when you place an order. This model is large-scale, over 50" long and suitable for R/C.

Smaller scale and more difficult models are available from White Ensign Models.

Click on an image for a larger view:

Knox Class, USS Brewton (FF1073), built by OSC (Ret.) John Sabatini USS Brewton, Topsides View 1 USS Brewton, Topsides View 2

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Museum Quality Model of the USS Knox Under Construction

Former Knox Officer, Jim Arnold, has a friend who builds museum-quality scale models. He has been working on this model of the Knox for about a year now. Here are pictures of the progress (not in chronological order). Details and proper chronological ordering will follow as I get the time. I erroneously stated in my email that the model is finished, it is not, but it is nearing completion as can be seen in the 4 most recent photos at the top. Length of model is 22"

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