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USS Knox Ball Caps and T-Shirts!

Custom-made USS Knox ball caps and t-shirts are available for sale. Quantities are limited, however.  All proceeds go to the USS Knox Reunion Association fund.

12/9/14 HATS and T-shirts are back IN STOCK! Please email to order your USS Knox merchandise!

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Custom Knox Bumper Stickers!
by Photovision, Inc.

Bumper Sticker A

Bumper Sticker B

Standard bumper stickers are $5.95 each. Magnetic bumper stickers are $7.95 each. Magnetic is great because you can move it from one vehicle to another -- no sweat.

Send a copy of this page with your name, address, phone and email address. Indicate the letter and quantity of each sticker you want. You can optionally specify your years served aboard instead of the years shown. Enclose total funds and include $0.50 for shipping.

Photovision, Inc.
PO Box 313
Riverton, NJ 08077

Custom Vehicle License Plate Frames

Especially for Military Veterans. For example, they can make a custom frame that the top states, 伢>USS KNOX FF-1052伯span> and the bottom states, 㕓 NAVY VETERAN伯b>. The frames are a great bargain and they look great半 and you donⴠhave to make your payment until after they arrive! There is a link below to the website so you can view images of the frames. 

They also have production frames for; Combat Door Gunners, Combat Helicopter Pilots, Combat Crew Chief, Combat Veterans, Combat Helicopter Pilot, Combat Aircrew, Veteran Aircrew, Combat Veteran, Veteran Combat Pilot, "Support Our Troops" and more. 

These frames are a great way for veterans to get well deserved recognition and let America know that there are proud Veterans in our communities!  These frames look GREAT堡nd because of their trust in fellow veterans, you donⴠhave to pay a cent until you have them in your hand or on your vehicle! 

If you're wondering if this is a legitimate offer妮bsp;It can't be any easier than this:  JUST GO THE WEBSITE AND ORDER AND THEY WILL STICK THE FRAMES IN THE MAIL THE DAY THEY GET YOUR ORDER.  Then you can mail a check, money order or cash to them once it arrives! 

Other frame images are on the website above!  You will find that these frames are priced to sell!  Postage and applicable taxes are included in the listed prices. International orders may require additional fee for postage.

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